Ladybird Larvae

Photographer Elena Brown

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As Summer arrives you may spot these strange little creatures crawling over your plants. But don’t worry, they won’t do you or your plants any harm, in fact they are to be encouraged because they are ladybird larvae and they feed on aphids.

Facebook Group member Elena from Chesterfield recently found these little creatures on her plants and wondered what they were.

Are ladybird larvae dangerous?

They are harmless to humans. If you see them on your plants don’t worry. They arrive and start feeding on the bad insects such as black and green fly. Once they have cleaned a plant they will move onto another one. After several weeks the larva starts to pupate on a leaf and soon a ladybird, as we known it, is born.

What is the life cycle of a ladybird?

This is spread across four phases starting with egg, larva, pupa and finally adult. Ladybirds lay eggs at least once a year in batches of 40 which hatch around 8 days later.

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